St. Joseph's English Medium School

Our Facilities 



Our well-stocked on-line linked library is a treasure trove of knowledge. It includes collection, organization and dissemination of information. It is spacious and has ample scope for quiet research. It’s a well-equipped and furnished library to expand the horizon of knowledge of our young talented ones. It has collection of books on various subjects for the development of our students.

Science Laboratories:

Physics Lab:- The physics lab is well equipped with electrical and electronic devices. The physics lab is spacious and can accommodate

Chemistry Lab:- The chemistry lab in our school is spacious, well lit and well equipped. It can accommodate about 50 students at one stretch. The lab is provided with necessary infrastructure to develop the scientific skills in the students.

Biology Lab:- The Biology lab is well equipped to carry out practical for classes. Practical on different topics like plant physiology, Animal physiology, cytology, plant and animal Anatomy Morphology and Ecology are carried out by students. Lab is well stocked with compound microscopes, Dissection Microscopes, plant specimens, Animal specimen, permanent slides, charts etc. LCD projectors are also used to supplement practical classes.

Computer Lab:- We have a fully operating computer science lab. It has 40 computers with LCD monitors.

Math‘s Lab:- Mathematics has always been a subject that excites the mind but for many it is one that has to be tackled with. In order to make the study of mathematics more interesting, the school has set up a mathematics lab according t the norms stated by CBSE.

Audio Visual Class Room

All the high school classes are provided with Digital Class Rooms. Separate Digital Class Rooms are provided to LP.

Play Ground

St. Jopseh‘s has a vast playground in the school campus spanning several hectares of land. It has a volley ball court, a kho kho ground, a basketball court, a football ground and cricket ground and two Badminton courts.


The school has an elaborate transportation network with 7 buses plying to and from Thalayolaparambu, Kaduthuruthy,Muttuchira Velloore,Karikode, Vaikom, Marangoly, Peruva, Appanchira, Poozhikol, Mannar, and places in and around Keezhoor. The school is very close to Keezhoor bus stop and students can avail private and KSRTC bus services with concession.