St. Joseph's English Medium School

About US 

St.Joseph`s EMS is named after the foster father of Jesus. It was established in 1993 with a view to impart knowledge suited to the challenging needs of the modern times. It is under DCPB congregation founded by Blessed Thomas Maria Fusco. 
It is more a home rather than a school, where each and every child gets ample opportunities to grow. Each child who joins St.Joseph‘s school is accepted as a gift from God and is molded accordingly. The school gives emphasis to the careful development of an upright citizen and a perfect human being. The school prepares the young to lead a meaningful and prosperous life after education. The motto of our school is wisdom, charity and service. 

We are blessed with a team of dedicated staff under the leadership of  Rev. Sr. Mini Joseph. They are ever ready to inspire the children to acquire the best kind of knowledge which lead them to the insight of concepts, values and principles rather than mere learning of facts. We prepare the students to face the real life situations and to be the true a
ssets to the nation. 
The homely atmosphere helps them to express their ideas and
talents without any hesitation. This leads to the ultimate improvement of their power of expression and imagination. Adequate opportunities are provided to each child to grow and develop in the absolute sense and reach the highest peak of success and glory.